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‘We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop’ – Mother Teresa
It’s May and we’re allowed to hug again (and drink indoors hurrah) because heaven knows the British weather hasn’t been kind to us this spring! It really does feel like we are starting to get life back to normal and not a moment too soon as human beings are sociable creatures and this past year has been hellish for a lot of people. Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week and what better theme for the 2021 campaign than connecting with nature. According to the Mental Health Foundation’s research, more than half of UK adults said being close to nature improved their mental health. I think we can all agree that going for a walk, sitting on a beach or having a picnic in the park improves our outlook on life. To find out more visit Mental Health Awareness Week 2021
It’s also the Great British Spring Clean coming up, organised by Keep Britain Tidy from 28th May to 13th June 2021. Since the coronavirus pandemic we’ve become even more focused on litter and what we can do to keep these great outdoor spaces as beautiful and natural as they should be. You can see how to take part and get more information on the website links below. It’s a great way to get out in the fresh air whilst doing something great for your local environment. I will definitely be getting the kids on the case with this! One thing I feel that this pandemic has given us is a much greater appreciation of our local environment and our little cluster of islands in general. It has given us a chance to explore other parts of the UK that we may not otherwise have visited. We really do live in a green and pleasant land – we just need that sun to come out and shine now this summer! For more information visit Great British Spring Clean | Keep Britain Tidy
I was also really interested to read in the news and through the Marine Conservation Society’s latest update about the work they are undertaking in tandem with Rewilding Britain. We are all aware of the part reforestation can play in helping to reduce carbon emissions, but I had not personally heard the term ‘blue carbon’ before. Put simply, blue carbon is carbon absorbed from the water and atmosphere and stored in the world’s seas and coasts. Seagrass meadows, saltmarshes and mangroves take in carbon dioxide and store carbon in the same way that plants and trees do on land. Blue carbon can also be stored in animals that live in the water. The Marine Conservation Society and Rewilding Britain are campaigning for governments to recognise the value of blue carbon in helping to achieve the net zero carbon emissions the UK government have pledged to achieve by 2050. If you want to read more about this, link to the Marine Conservation Society’s website here Blue carbon report | Ocean emergency | Marine Conservation Society (
We were thrilled to launch our new Pureshore website last month. We’d love to hear your feedback, have you sign up to our newsletter or even recommend us to a friend! We’ve added some enticing new hoop earrings to the collections and have some new designs on the way that we’re keen to share with you. Now’s the time to treat ourselves! Here’s to dressing up and getting out and about again!
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