Jewellery is often what completes your outfit. If you want to stand out in the crowd, layering jewellery is the ideal way to go. Despite the availability of a wide range of options, sometimes one is simply not enough. Many women agree that jewellery looks better when they are stacked together with their complementing set. However, it’s important to ensure that the layers of jewellery look balanced in terms of colours, shapes, textures, and sizes. 

Here are some tips to help women avoid wearing overdone layers:

1. Layer Necklaces With a Royal Effect

When layering necklaces, it is best to find a balance between daintiness and elegance. Try choosing a few delicate items and grouping them together instead of wearing multiple attention-catching ones. To complete a fuller graduated effect, choose at least three types of necklaces. Consider a short diamond necklace, paired with a medium one that has a slightly longer chain with minor details. Finish the look off with a long statement piece, which will be heavier than the rest of the necklaces. 

A more straightforward approach is to combine two necklaces together—the one that has a small charm and the other that is longer with a bigger charm or pendant. A longer Mosaic necklace that has a bigger charm and a smaller Ardour necklace from the necklace archives of PureShore Jewellery look amazing together. 

2. Layer Necklaces For an Edgy Look

Although many people layer necklaces of different lengths, you can achieve an edgier look by combining multiple same-length ones. Start off by deciding whether you want to group longer necklaces or shorter ones. Pair two or three long necklaces together if you opt for the former while grouping two or three delicate options if you go with the latter. This way of accessorizing looks great on those with a particular style. If you’re wearing a button-up shirt and a leather or denim jacket, it will look even better! 

3. Layer Bracelets and Watches into a Chunky Daytime Look

In trying to achieve a daytime look, an assortment of sizes and chunky layers is the way to go. It is meant to give the wearer a look that is fresh, lively, and cheerful. Because of that, start with something beaming with colour, such as a multi-coloured bracelet. Add other solid-coloured bracelets or watches that match the different colours of the base bracelet, such as a colourful threaded bracelet or a wrap bracelet. 

4. Layer Bracelets with a Delicate and Sophisticated Look

For women who want to look sophisticated, yet iconic, consider combining a set of charm bracelets. Find chains and subtle charms that have muted colours that blend well together. Consider browsing our collection, which has a selection of gold and silver-plated bracelets, such as a Wildflower bracelet, a Mosaic bracelet, or a Sundown bracelet. These options look delicate individually, yet elegant when placed together.


Whether one wants to achieve a more royal look or a delicate and sophisticated look, doing so is possible with a careful selection of enchanting jewellery. PureShore Jewellery has a collection of beautiful jewellery pieces that are available in sterling silver with rhodium, rose gold, and yellow gold plating. Every jewellery is special and valuable as a gift to oneself or to loved ones. Find the perfect compliments to your outfit by choosing from our wide range of selection of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. They are all available in varying finishes with a choice of black or white diamonds to create a truly unique look!

If you’re looking for stylish jewellery in the UK, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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