Vitamin Sea, Vitamin D

Me, me, I can see the sea!! Who else remembers this from childhood? Or maybe it’s still a competition in your car these days as you approach the coast! My kids are getting to the age now where they no longer find this a fun family pastime and generally groan at me, although I like to think that they secretly still enjoy it!

The seaside holds a special magic, no matter what the weather. I still love spending time at the coast and doing a spot of beach combing, even when it’s cold and blustery. In fact, they were just the conditions when we embarked on our first Marine Conservation Society (MSC) beach clean several years ago! The MCS have just launched their 2021 Great British Beach Clean with hundreds of events taking place across the country between 17th and 26th September. You can find out more at

Even if you can’t make one of their events, you can still do a beach clean any time you go to the beach. We always keep a couple of folding litter pickers in the back of the car for just such occasions – they can come in handy when you drop something between the seats as well!!

Most of us are probably craving the chance to go abroad having had holidays cancelled over the last couple of years and the pitiful summer weather we have had in the UK. If there’s no chance of a vitamin D boost any time soon, at least we can hope for some vitamin Sea 😉 The benefits of being at or near the water on both mental and physical health are well known so there’s always a good excuse for spending the day at the coast. Studies have also shown that there generally more sunshine by the sea because of the effect the landscape has on the clouds so yes, life really is better by the sea!!

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In the meantime, enjoy the next few days of bonus Autumn sunshine!

Olivia x

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