Ask a woman of any age group and they’ll probably tell you that they love jewellery. Even if they say they’re not big fans of it, they won’t be averse to getting them. Accessorising is such an embedded part of women’s routines that many ladies feel bare when they step out of the house without at least a pair of earrings or a watch. 

Many people have an emotional reaction to jewellery–it is something that women actively seek or are keen on receiving. But like anything in the fashion industry, interest in certain styles come and go. In the ‘90s, big, chunky pieces were everywhere, and chintz was the order of the day. 

This translated into large, gold hoop earrings, chokers, and necklaces with large pendants in the first decade of the millennium. But by the latter years of the oughts, we saw a new trend emerge–modern jewellery. Read on for why we have pegged this style as something to look out for in 2020 and beyond.

What is modern-style jewellery?

Similar to other industries that use the term, it is hard to define exactly what ‘modern’ is in the jewellery industry. There is definitely an element of clean lines and streamlined design, but modern pieces also like referencing past periods, such as the Greco-Roman or the Renaissance Era. What is common in modern jewellery though is the attention to personality. Fashion is a showcase of individual taste, contemporary designers and metalsmiths are much more likely to create collections that directly tell a story.

Reasons why women prefer modern-style jewellery

With the rise of minimalism, women’s tastes in fashion have likewise evolved. These days, it is more common to see a single charm on a gold bracelet, or a necklace with one pendant, than elaborate, chunky pieces that cover the entire neck or forearm. Apart from the prevalent culture of ‘less is more,’ here are a couple more reasons why women choose to buy modern.

Packs a lot of impact for its size

Modern styles are often thin and small–single chains bearing one pendant, for example, or a band set with several small stones. But make no mistake–they make just as good an impression as more substantial pieces. This is because a modern jewellery designer is conveying a look with the least possible amount of details, so it’s important to select what makes the most visual impact in the space allotted. Take for instance Pure Shore’s Sundown Necklace. A variant of this design comes in black rhodium, with black diamonds, and is supposed to mimic the sunset over the Durdle Door, in Dorset. The three irregularly-shaped triangles are intriguing enough, but the combination of the design, the use of black diamonds, and the origin story will fascinate anyone who asks about the piece. It’s a statement and a conversation starter in one.

Can be stacked–even across metals

As modern pieces are lightweight, you can easily layer them. When you use complementary metals and shapes on top of each other, you can come up with various outfits and because the strands and charms are small, contrasting metals won’t clash as much as it would if you use thick pieces. For example, the Mosaic Bracelet from Pure Shore can be used with the Ardour Bracelet, or the Sundown Bracelet. Stacking diamond rings are also a good way of combining metals.

Versatile and fits a range of clothing styles

Because modern is minimalist, it can dress up anything. From a t-shirt to a dress, you can use modern pieces as the perfect final touch for your outfit. The Tulipa and the Wildflower Collections are a good example of jewellery that fit both formal and casual wear. When you use modern diamond jewellery, you have more freedom and flexibility, without needing to sacrifice style.

The bottom line

When choosing jewellery, think of it as a passive investment. Even if you are not directly profiting from it at the moment, a quality piece will only appreciate in value over time. Add to that the staying power of minimalist jewellery, and you have something you can pass down to your family in the future.

Pure Shore makes enchanting demifine jewellery in various finishes. Our ethically-sourced materials and reusable gift boxes show our commitment to preserving the natural wonders that have inspired our collections. 

If you’re looking for modern jewellery in the UK, browse our shop or get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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