Jewellery completes every girl’s outfit of the day. Wearing a simple necklace, earrings, or brooch can also give your look an added spark. While it’s fun to pick out which accessory to wear, the unlimited options can leave a clueless girl feeling overwhelmed. How do you choose the best jewel to match your outfit? Are you wearing too much or too little? Before you panic, we’re here to rescue your fashion emergency. 

The first step in knowing how to choose the appropriate jewellery to wear is to figure out your style and know what type of look you want to project. Of course, different lifestyles call for different types of jewellery. Those who are working in the corporate world would need something sleeker and more streamlined, while those whose jobs are more creative can get away with wearing eye-catching pieces. 

In this article, we have listed down four basic jewellery styles that will complement your everyday wardrobe:

1. Sweet and sentimental

If you’re the type to keep meaningful keepsakes, then you probably have favourite jewellery pieces that were given by family or loved ones. As a result, you like wearing them every day, regardless of the occasion. While the gesture is truly sweet, it can be challenging to match that heirloom necklace with all your casual outfits. 

Here’s a simple solution: find other jewellery items that you can wear with your sentimental piece, but make sure that they complement each other. For instance, you can add short, simple chains with that gold locket on a gold necklace you got from your grandmother. The shorter strands will balance out the entire look while giving it a modern update. 

2. Glamorous 

If glam is you often prefer, then your closet would most likely be full of heels, luxury handbags, and fancy clothes. You love wearing makeup, getting your hair done, and dressing up even during the day. Casual dressing for you means another girl’s evening attire. You certainly don’t need a hand in choosing which diamonds and pearls to wear. 

If you feel like you need to tone your look down for a simple occasion, however, a great tip is to remove one piece of jewellery before leaving the house. Try looking at the mirror before you exit the door, and choose one item to take off. Editing your look is the key to having a sophisticated, glamorous style. 

3. Girl next door

The girl-next-door style involves wearing adorable, put-together outfits, like a white polo over skinny jeans, a cute headband, and classic loafers. If this is your vibe, complement your look by wearing a seashell pendant, a wildflower bracelet, or even a monogrammed piece of jewellery. 

4. Bold and avant-garde

Women who are not afraid to wear bright, bold fashion pieces can get away with large statement jewellery items. You love wearing chunky bangles, big hoop earrings, thick chokers, or stacked rings to make you stand out. For you, fashion is your way of expressing your creative self, and you’re not afraid to look different. When wearing statement pieces, remember not to overdo it and avoid clashing jewellery. Often, you will only need one gorgeous, unique item to complete your look. 

No matter what style you choose, the key to wearing everyday jewellery is to prioritize comfort. If you’re going to wear an earring or a bracelet for long hours, avoid those with heavy materials and sharp edges. At the end of the day, you want to be comfortable while being fashionable. 

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