Wearing jewellery is a great way to express your distinct personality and style. While there is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion, there are specific guidelines for using accessories. Pile on too many ornaments, and it’s easy to look overdone. In contrast, wearing too little sparklers during certain occasions may make one appear underdressed. 

So how many pieces of jewellery should you wear? The answer isn’t set in stone. Instead, it lies on these few unspoken rules:

1. Understand the occasion

Before planning how to complete your outfit for the day, you must understand the occasion. Where you’re headed is the deciding factor in knowing how much jewellery you should wear. If you’re only going to work, for instance, you must refrain chunky bangles that would make too much clanging sounds in the office. If you’re going to an evening date, wearing a delicate necklace adds elegance to your look. On the other hand, black-tie affairs require more brilliant jewels, such as dazzling chandelier earrings or a diamond choker. 

2. Consider the fabric of your dress

Aside from the occasion, you need to coordinate your jewellery with the material of your clothes. As a general rule, big accessories don’t go well with delicate fabrics, such as silks and satins. If you’re wearing a sheer or knitted top, it’s wise to avoid wearing necklaces with dangling spikes or chains. Not only will they look odd, but they’ll also get tangled with your shirt and ruin it.  

3. Think about your overall look

There are some looks that can get away with wearing layers upon layers of jewellery. One such case is when you’re going for a bohemian vibe. However, if you’re planning to look elegant for an important business meeting, it’s best to wear minimalist pieces.

Aside from your vibe, consider your facial features as well. You can easily highlight your sleek do by wearing pearl earrings or large hoops. If you’re planning to let your thick, long hair down, it’s best to go with small, understated studs. 

4. Noisy jewellery is always a big no

Regardless of the occasion and your style, wearing fashion accessories that make too much noise is always a big no. Chunky bracelets are okay, but wearing stacked bangles can be distracting, especially in public places. It can be rude to accessorize this way when you’re going to the library, attending a church service, or eating at a fine dining restaurant. 

5. Edit your look

Fashion icon and designer Coco Chanel gave a valuable piece of advice about wearing jewellery. She said, “When putting on accessories, take off the last thing you’ve put on.” It means that editing your look is essential for looking both modest and elegant. 

Don’t let jewellery distract your outfit and interfere with your activities. Instead, let them highlight your natural beauty and accentuate your clothes. When in doubt, follow this simple guide: wear a statement piece and coordinate the rest of your accessories around it. For instance, either choose to wear dangling earrings or a heavy necklace—never both. Wearing too many jewels can be distracting and can completely ruin your look. 

Jewellery can make or break your outfit of the day. While you can never have too many jewels, there is always the proper time and place to flaunt those baubles. 

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