Did you know that nature-inspired jewellery is becoming one of the biggest fashion trends today? This is especially true because shell jewellery is widely visible this summer season, and the pieces that are created from them are absolutely stunning. Seashells provide brilliant and attractive natural colours and patterns to your designs.

Nature-inspired jewellery pieces tell a fascinating story about the wearer, and styling them the right way is very crucial in making the price stand out. If you are on the lookout for adding seashells to your jewellery collection, here are five tips to help you style your shell jewellery:

1. Go natural

Most of the shells have natural and tiny holes that are created by the living creatures that once lived inside them. You can use the holes to string the shells into hooks, wires, or links to create beautiful pieces. This eliminates the process of drilling holes into the shells, which could potentially damage the delicate shells.

2. Add metallic accents

One way to create stunning shell jewellery pieces that stand out is to add gemstone beads or metallic accents. This style also gives your shell jewellery a contemporary edge. Use a combination of metallic seashell charms and natural seashells to create an elegant nautical charm bracelet or anklet.

3. Use nail polish for a more vibrant look

Natural seashells, with their soft, muted tones, can also look elegant. If you want shell jewellery pieces that are more vibrant and bolder, you can paint them with any colour you want using gloss enamel paints. However, a cheaper and more accessible option is by using nail polish instead. 

Nail polish is an excellent option for painting shells since they harden to a high-gloss resulting in a professional-looking finish. Nail polish also comes in various colours, including bright metallic shades and hues. The tiny brush on the nail polish is perfect for getting into the smaller details of the shells, making sure that everything is covered evenly.

4. Keep damaged shells

In some cases, a shell gets damaged from all the cleaning, polishing, and drilling involved. You don’t have to throw them away, but you can instead use the shards to make a new statement necklace or bracelet. You can create such stunning pieces by drilling a hole into the corners of each shard and attach it to a chain in an overlapping pattern.

5. Wrap it up

If you are not so keen on drilling holes on the shells, you can wire wrap the shells to make a shell bead for a statement ring or create a pendant. This method is preferably better if you have patterned or larger shells that you want to keep intact. Wire wrapping the shells also works best with rounded shells, such as miter, conch, or cowrie, rather than scallop or flattened shells.

Below are several other ways you can convert seashell beads into attractive jewellery pieces:

  • Shell and Turquoise Pendant
  • Shell Hoop Earrings
  • Shell Drop Necklace
  • Cluster Shell Necklace
  • Shell-inspired anklet

Seashells are fun, interesting, and natural materials to work with when creating stunning statement jewellery pieces. With so many shell variations, there are limitless possibilities for styles and designs. With the tips given above, you are on your way to creating priceless jewellery pieces that hold much meaning to you.

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