Bring Me The Sunset In a Cup

Bring me the sunset in a cup… I love this line from the Emily Dickinson poem of the same name. While I think it was probably written with a garden in mind, for me it conjures up a beautiful sunset on the beach, overlooking the sea, preferably with a drink in hand! This is exactly what we managed this summer when we did a quick early evening impromptu family beach clean followed by a few beers as a reward whilst watching the setting sun! As we now head into the setting sun of Autumn, we’re hoping that we may still manage to see a few more beautiful sunsets to embolden our spirits ready for the uncertain months ahead.

We had a social media detox for the last couple of weeks of the summer holidays and then some frustrating technical issues with various platforms, which is why you’ve not heard much from us for a while. However, the detox was a great chance to reset, gather our thoughts and think about the next steps in Pureshore’s creative journey.

Taking some time away from technology has been one part of this summer which I have particularly enjoyed; getting away from it all on some great UK coastal ‘staycations’. During some much welcomed digital downtime at the very start of the holidays, following an intense few months of Zoom calls and online schooling, I was sitting on the awesome Godrevy beach in Cornwall watching the waves crashing while my kids tried to balance on a surf board. I started thinking about another of my favourite places to watch waves cresting; the surfers paradise Famara Beach, Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, a place I haven’t been able to visit this year. As always, I had my sketchbook with me and produced a quick idea of how I thought the new Pureshore Jewellery collection should look. The result was our latest collection, Ola, the Spanish word for wave. The circle represents the continuous motion of the ocean tides and the crest of diamonds are the waves crashing onto the shore.

Ola Necklaces
At Pureshore Jewellery, we’re always looking at ways that we can give back when purchasing our collections. That is why we’ve decided to donate 10% of our profits on sales of the new Ola Collection to the charity The Wave Project, This is a fantastic charity based in Cornwall that provides ‘Surf Therapy’, enabling young people to work through anxieties, social and emotional challenges by embracing the surf.

Ola Earrings in Yellow Gold Vermeil
There is a wealth of information about the benefits of the sea and coast on our mental wellbeing. Never has this been more apparent than this particular summer, where after experiencing a prolonged lockdown in our homes, people have flocked to the seaside to feel better and enjoy being outdoors. The sense of freedom that being by the sea gives us is not to be underestimated. With both mental health issues and appreciation of our coastlines being forefront in people’s minds at this time, a charity like The Wave Project seemed a great way to combine the two.

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