To Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores

We’re really excited to be launching our latest collection, Ola, inspired by cresting waves on the beach this summer. You may have seen from our Instagram and Facebook posts that you can now purchase this collection on our website. We’re happy to be donating 10% of the profits from the sale of these designs to The Wave Project, a Cornwall based charity who use the surf as therapy for kids and young adults. We’re all aware of how important the sea is for mental and physical well-being. Several theories actively link the health benefits of the sea, including Kaplan’s Attention Restoration Theory, which proposes that spending time at or even just viewing a restorative environment such by the sea, watching waves crashing on the shore as a way to allow mental relaxation. It’s really important, especially at the moment, to keep an eye on mental as well as physical health. Anxiety presents itself differently in everyone; it can display as irritability, obsessive behaviours, overindulgence, avoidance, insomnia or overworking, to name just a few. A look at the sea can work wonders for the soul, even if it’s not possible to visit it in person at the moment.

Over the last half term, I was lucky enough to manage a few days at the seaside again. Watching the waves crashing on the shore was so therapeutic and the autumn breeze (some would call it a gale) definitely blew the cobwebs away! My dog had the best time frolicking in the surf and chasing the white foam with my kids. Some of the videos will be appearing on our Instagram and Facebook profiles over the coming weeks – here’s hoping they will have the same soothing effect on others!

As we approach two years since the inception of Pureshore jewellery, our vision of how the brand should be is starting to evolve. We are looking at experimenting with new materials going forward and have some exciting developments coming up.

I recently attended the Marine Conversation Society’s ‘virtual’ Annual Conference and AGM ‘Ocean Optimism’. It was great to hear more about ocean conservation efforts and to hear results from the Great British Beach Clean. The stats showed that face masks and gloves were found on 30% of beaches cleaned over the week-long event, with more than two thirds of litter pickers across the UK finding PPE waste. I was also horrified to learn that a single cigarette butt can toxify one litre of seawater enough to poison the marine life in it. It was particularly interesting to listen to discussion on plastic and also PPE waste in our oceans, how we can continue to improve ocean health after the pandemic and the positive work that so many people are undertaking to achieve this. For an island where we are never more than 70 miles from the coast at any one time, the UK shorelines should never be far from our minds. We can all do our part to halt the plastic plague, especially this Christmas, by minimising plastic that we use in wrapping our presents. If you’re interested in knowing more, why not follow #oceanoptimism on Instagram.

Things are definitely looking up in this coronavirus situation, with working vaccines on the horizon and a hope of the world getting back to normal next spring. We appreciate how difficult this time has been for all our customers and will continue to offer free UK delivery on all orders and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We hope that this will help to make buying gifts for friends and family in the run up to Christmas or even a well-deserved lockdown treat for you, guilt free. After this ‘lost’ year we’re all hoping that we will be able to celebrate this season together. Who knows where the rest of this year will take us or what lies ahead for 2021 but one thing we can do to make sure family and friends know how important they are to us this Christmas. And whilst none of us are planning on the usual rounds of Christmas parties this year, a striking Ardour pendant or the stunning Mosaic statement earrings can really make a Zoom meeting in the meantime!

We really appreciate you supporting small UK businesses like ours and keeping us afloat during these trying times.

Take care of yourselves and one another.

Olivia x

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