No matter where you’re from, what you do, who you are, or what you like, you’ve probably heard about gold and are aware of how valuable it can be. From rings to necklaces, gold has a variety of uses. However, while a majority of the talk about gold lies within the ways it’s crafted and formed, there is a certain question that many people are unable to answer: what’s the difference between rose gold and black gold?

Today, there are a growing number of people looking to stand out and deviate from the norm. It’s no surprise that there are so many looking for alternatives to their jewellery materials—and gold is definitely in the list of things that people want to switch up. Thanks to the different variations of gold, namely rose gold and black gold, enthusiasts and first-time buyers can now choose between a variety of options to add spice to their unique coastal-inspired pieces. While the names of these different shades of gold are definitely illustrious to some extent, most people don’t actually know how to tell each of them apart aside from the names.

The difference between rose gold and black gold coastal jewellery

In order to help you become a more informed buyer, let’s look at each type of gold, the characteristics that make each one so special, and how the two can be differentiated from each other:

Black gold

As the more mysterious selection of the two, black gold has become a more desirable option for different jewellers and jewellery enthusiasts due to its allure and striking finish. Typically, the standard process for making black gold is referred to as “blackening”, where a rhodium plating is applied on a white gold alloy piece after casting to create a distinctive reflective black finish. Black gold is best for wedding rings, ornate pieces, and different items of a modern or vintage style. 

When it comes to rings, the recommended setting for this material is a solitaire as it shows off the material as a central feature. That being said, using it as a complementary element for halo or pavé settings is also wonderful as it helps to bring the most out of the ring’s gem.

A common question that most people have when it comes to black gold is how they can take care of it. It’s important to remember that over time, a black gold piece will undergo wear and tear in some areas. You’ll have to polish it regularly with the help of a professional jeweller—a process which, thankfully, isn’t as expensive as most think it ought to be.

Rose gold

Contrary to black gold, rose gold isn’t plated right after the casting process— rather, rose gold is achieved through the creation of an alloy that comprises mostly of yellow gold but is tinted to perfection with copper for a distinctive rosy-pink or pale “blush” pink finish. Due to its feminine look and soft hue, rose gold pieces are preferred mostly by women looking for something different than standard yellow gold. However, rose gold is also a wonderful material for men’s wedding rings due to their unimposing and subtle softness, which can add a hint of underlying sincerity in the choice of material. Typically, rose gold rings are coupled with different types of gemstones or the material itself is forged into an intricate and intriguing design to fit to the tastes of all types of men. Although there is an assortment of different ways to manipulate rose gold, nothing hits the mark better than a classy solitaire setting.

When it comes to caring for rose gold, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that it doesn’t actually have to be touched up as often by professional jewellers due to the fact that it isn’t plated. Nevertheless, you can extend the lifespan of the illustrious finish by keeping it away from different chemicals (such as chlorine bleach) and cleaning it as often as possible. Polishing is necessary due to the fact that natural oils can tarnish the finish—which means that it’s best to avoid swimming or showering with a rose gold piece.

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