Springtime brings a turn for the trends in jewellery as the fan favourites explore bright colour palettes, vacation-ready accessories, and fresh floral prints. Making a bold statement is the name of the game as the temperatures force people to shed layers of clothing to beat the heat. 

Putting your favourite jacket back to the closet doesn’t mean hibernating from style as accessories allow people to express their personality in fashionable ways. With that in mind, 2019 ensures that flower jewellery is no longer limited to children’s jewellery sets as adults celebrate femininity and romance. 

The floral trend is blooming in runways as the playful shapes and bright colours tap into everyone’s childhood nostalgia with flower-embellished accessories. With delicate designs and bolder options, flower jewellery is making itself known as a refreshing statement piece. 

How to Choose the Right Flower Design for You 

The shape, style, and colour of your flower design largely depend on matching your personal taste in aesthetics. If you are a gipsy soul that seeks adventure and freedom, you may feel a connection with exotic designs like lotus flowers or plumeria from Middle Eastern and Asian influences. It is best paired with a solid metal jewellery, clear stones, and a hippie-inspired look. 

For ladies who want to embrace their femininity, opting for pastel coloured stones like amber or rose quartz can emphasize a woman’s soft side. You can enhance the delicate look by pairing a rose quartz bauble with a gold snake chain bracelet. 

On the other hand, adventurous options like ruby and amethyst jewellery are for boss girls who aren’t afraid to make a loud statement. You can push the limits by mixing three different stones to add a splash of colour to a monochromatic get-up. 

With a wealth of eye-catching choices in the market, you can ensure that there is a flower design that suits your style. 

Nip Design Problems in Flower Jewelry at It’s Bud

While nostalgia continues to be the biggest fashion trend in recent runways, you don’t want to relive you jewellery style as a ten-year-old down to the last threads. Your multi-coloured flower choker may be the highlight of your outfit back in the day, but adding a touch of modern design ensures it complements today’s style. 

Of course, sticking to a matching floral jewellery set can also feel too kitsch and dated. The key to update the look of the jewellery is to choose metallic pieces. Any type or colour of the floral elements can look flexible and refreshing when paired with brass bangles or delicate chains. 

It All Boils Down to Personal Taste 

Your choice of accessories can make or mar your entire look, so don’t hesitate to take the time to choose designs that resonate with your style. Fortunately, the choices are limitless as flower jewellery can come with solid silver studs for understated elegance, or a stack of rings with coloured stone flowers for a more confident impression. 

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