There’s something about the sea that takes all stresses away at least for that moment

I recently came upon a stack of Mother’s Day cards that I had made for my Mum as a small child. They struck a real chord as they are similar in sentiment to the ones that my daughter now sends me.

I have lots of happy memories of seaside holidays, walking along the headlands whilst making daisy chain necklaces and tiaras with my Mum. Picking buttercups along the way and holding them under our chins to determine whether or not we liked butter.  I also loved the perennial ‘forget me not’ and would often pick a handful of these to give to her.  My Grandmother, who was like a second mum also left a lasting imprint on my childhood memories. We would often go to cycle on a nearby promenade and fit in a bit of beachcombing whilst we were there. We would look for interesting shells and pebbles and my Grandma would indulge my daydreaming by suggesting ideas of what else they could be from their shape and colour.

As a Mum myself now I love to spend time on the beach with my family and find the beach is the best meditation, particularly watching my children and dog frolicking in the waves seemingly without a care in the world. There’s something about the sea that takes all stresses away at least for that moment and I love to be reminded of it even when I’m not there.

The brand Pureshore Jewellery, set up by my brother and myself takes inspiration from our coastal trips and treasures found along the way.

I think the Pureshore designs are fitting gifts for this Mother’s Day. The headland wildflowers seen in our Wildflower Collection are a great way to remind Mum of all the things she did for us that made us who we are today. The Tulipa collection is reminiscent of beach combing and happy days. For Mums who like a bit more sparkle, the Ardour collection with its play on the heart makes it a great choice for Mother’s Day. I know what we will be getting for our own Mum, the Sundown necklace as she likes the slight edginess of the piece and has a real fondness for Dorset, the landscape where this particular design was conceived.

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