There’s one jewellery trend that’s breaking the rules of accessorising: ring stacking. Nowadays, people are taking the more-is-more approach. Even Meghan Markle is stacking rings on her fingers to go with her classic wedding band. Mix and match rings are a fun, fresh way to add personality to your jewellery. However, getting the right balance can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you build the perfect ring set.

1. Choose different ring sizes

Add a bit of variety by pairing rings of different sizes. Just make sure you don’t mix pieces that are too overpowering. For example, use an oversized ring on a few fingers and balance them out by using thinner rings on other fingers.

2. Use midi rings

Midi rings have become a popular element in ring stacking. These are basically rings that you can place on the lower knuckle of your fingers. It just makes the ring set seem more unique and personal. Experiment with different placements until you’re satisfied with the overall look.

3. For a classic look, stick with single-coloured metal

Mix and matching metals seems to be all the rage as of the moment, but a lot can really go wrong when you pair different coloured metals. If you’re still trying out the ring stacking trend, start with metal rings of the same colour. This creates a classic look that can even be used for formal events such as weddings. One great idea is to use single-colour metal ring stacks as bridesmaids gifts, customizing each set according to your bridesmaid’s individual personalities.

4. Don’t be afraid to use statement rings

Colourful statement rings can help you own your look. You can choose pieces that highlight your birthstone or you can go for something a bit more eccentric. Pair your statement ring with simpler pieces to offset the loudness of the look.

Adding something that reflects your interests also helps you make a statement without being too obvious. For sea lovers, you can choose one of our coastal jewellery pieces to add to your ring set. It not only sets you apart but it also helps you express yourself and what you love in a creative, fashionable way.

Try to use colours that are within the same colour scheme or ones that complement each other to retain that cohesive look. It’s important that you look at everything as a whole to avoid pairing pieces that don’t work together.

5. Make sure the rings work well with your other accessories

Aside from making sure that your rings pair well together, you also need to consider how it looks with your other jewellery. Incorporating a ring with the same design as your earrings can be a great start. For example, you could use this classic-looking wildflower ring with this set of wildflower earrings to create a more harmonious-looking ensemble.


There’s no other way to master the art of ring stacking than to try it yourself. Experiment with different styles to help you find what works for you and what doesn’t. You don’t really need to put a ring on every finger. Adding just three to five pieces can already make a difference to your entire look. 

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