Pureshore Jewellery is a collaborative family brand started by a brother and sister duo. Having both worked independently in the jewellery industry for several years, Ben and Olivia decided just over two years ago that it might be time to combine their respective skills by designing a collection and creating a brand that would represent it. Olivia had a passion for silver jewellery while Ben’s real interest was in fine jewellery – the solution was to meet in the middle by creating Pureshore, a collection of demi-fine designs in silver with a choice of yellow or rose gold vermeil finishes, including at least one small diamond in every design.

According to Olivia, “My love of design began well before I ventured into the jewellery trade. As a teenager, I would spend weekends scouring local flea markets searching for treasures and requisitioning old newspapers, shells, fabric and feathers to create unique pieces of jewellery to wear. I also have a real love of art deco architectural detail, which is referenced throughout my designs”. 

Ben’s early years in the industry took a different direction. He worked in fine jewellery for several years and was inspired by his many trips to India, particularly Jaipur, the colourful jewellery ‘capital’. Ben tells us “I have a real passion for fine jewellery, diamonds and gemstones and have enjoyed working with clients over the years to produce fabulous designs for both wholesale and retail customers”.

With shared memories of seaside holidays, they set about creating the collections that combine to create ‘A Diamond on the Shore’. Some such as Wildflower Collection are inspired by the wild flora along the headlands, the Tulipa Collection is born from days spent beach combing and the Sundown Collection is inspired by the sun setting at Durdle Door in Dorset. The diamonds, at least one of which can be found in each piece, are evocative of grains of sand. The overlap detail, which can be seen on each ring symbolises a wave lapping on the shore.

The pair reveal that working together as siblings is not without its challenges! “For one thing we often find that we are more honest than perhaps we would be in a normal working environment, the lack of sugar coating an opinion can definitely be a source of contention” says Olivia. “However, generally we find overall that our respective skills complement one another and there are definitely some benefits to working with family such as flexibility, trust and shared values”.

According to the brother and sister duo they have a desire to use responsibly sourced materials at prices that will appeal to demi-fine jewellery lovers. They hand pick suppliers who support their values, many of whom are also family businesses and are keen to also minimise their impact on the environment. 

As a coastal influenced brand, they are keen to give back to the coastal areas that have inspired their collections. They recently took part in their first beach clean for the Marine Conservation Society and are looking to sign up for others in the coming weeks. They are passionate about protecting Britain’s coastal environment to preserve it for future generations. Its beauty has inspired artists and designers for centuries and they hope it will continue to do so for many more centuries to come.

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